Monday, June 30, 2014

How Do I Manage The Bar Cost For My Wedding?

Choosing a bar option can be confusing with all the options given to you. Here are a few ideas to help you make a decision to best choose a bar option to fit within your budget:

 2. Pay "on consumption" means, we count the drinks people order and charge you for what they consume at the end of the night. This is a good choice if your group does not drink a lot, as you will only be charged for drinks they consume. 
 3. You may set a monetary limit. For example, if your budget only allows you to pay $2000.00 usd for the night, we will total the drinks consumed through the night and then when we are within $100 of the limit you set for yourself, we will tell you "your group has consumed $1900.00 in beverages, would you like to increase your bar tonight, or shall we announce a "last call" advising guests the host bar will be closed within the next 15 minutes and after that, drinks will be available on a cash basis"? 
 At this time you can decide to cut the bar at your designated budget or increase it, perhaps another $500.00 as you wish through the night. 
 4. Instead of an open bar, you can also limit your offerings to your guests, maybe beer on tap and margaritas and then all other drinks can be purchased individually by the guests. 
5. For your toast, you can choose to purchase a set amount of bottles of champagne for your guests (we estimate 7 glasses per bottle), or perhaps purchase a special bottle for the bridal or family table and then purchase sparkling wine for other guests. Or you can decide not to offer champagne and then toast with the drink the guests have "in hand" during the event.

 Talk to your Wedding Planner to decide which is best for your wedding day.