Monday, June 16, 2014

Planning The Music For Your Wedding

It is never too late to start planning your music for your special day. Musicians have a variety of music so, here are some ideas to get you started!Colorado Action Sports Photographer-113
Bridal Party and Grand Entrance
After guests are seated at the reception, the bridal party and newly married couple are introduced. Variations include just the couple being introduced (without the bridal party) and parents, the bridal party, etc.
Ceremony Songs
These would be suggestions to pay as your guests are being seated, bridal party entrance, bride entrance, song after the couple have been announced as husband and wife, as they walk back down the aisle
First Dance
After the grand entrance, the newly married couple may have a first dance to a pre-selected song. The song may have a special meaning to the couple, or the lyrics of the song may resonate with them.

Father-Daughter Dance
After the newly married couple's first dance, brides often choose to dance with their fathers. Depending on a family situation, brides have opted to dance with another significant male in the family i.e. a brother, new FIL or her step dad.

Mother-Son Dance After the father-daughter dance, a groom might have a dance with his mother during the reception.
Some couples choose to combine the Father-Daughter Dance with the Mother-Son Dance, and have a Parents' Dance. To keep it more traditional, father and bride might dance alone for the first half of the song, and mother and groom join in after a minute or two. In this case, the song selection should be general enough to cover both.
Dance Music: Dance music is music played during and after the reception dinner, in an attempt to get guests to dance.

Do not play list: do not play list is a list of dance songs specifically banned from being played. Many couples provide their bands or dj's with a do not play list. "Do not play" lists may also include songs that carry particular significance from past dating relationships.

Bouquet Toss Song A bride may choose to toss her bridal bouquet, traditionally to the single female guests, during the reception. Sometimes a florist provides a toss bouquet so the bride does not have to toss her bridal bouquet. Some brides have used break-away bouquets that break into many mini bouquets and contain wishes or fortunes on each mini bouquet. Other brides completely nix the bouquet toss.

Garter Toss Song After the bride tosses the bouquet, her spouse may remove the garter from her leg and toss it to single male guests at the wedding. These days some brides and grooms are opting out of the bouquet toss and garter toss.

Cake Cutting Song
A Cake cutting song is a song played during the cutting of the wedding cake.

Last Dance Song
The last dance song is the final dance song of the evening.